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Wedding bunting is a timeless yet simple accessory that can immediately transform any venue. If you are planning a wedding, Sara Thursfield Textiles offers a bespoke series of bunting for weddings to suit any desired theme. From chic weddings and classic weddings to a barn wedding or rustic weddings, these quality made wedding banners and bunting will be sure to impress. 

Choosing Materials for The Wedding Bunting

Every wedding fabric bunting is lovingly designed and created to the highest standards by Sara Thursfield Textiles on the south coast of the U.K. We pride ourselves on the careful selection of materials and source only the highest quality fabrics. 

Lace weddings remain popular in theme and can give a chic feel to your special day. Sara Thursfield Textiles takes pride in the sourcing of lace fabrics for the series of vintage bunting. Often reclaimed, these lace fabrics are tea dyed to create a fabric bunting with elegance and charm. This range of lace bunting is ideal for shabby chic weddings and exquisite as vintage wedding decorations.

Farmhouse weddings have become a popular choice in recent years and can give a rustic chic feel to your special day. We offer an exclusive range of rustic wedding bunting to make your wedding day stand out.

  • We select high grade burlap fabric for our hessian bunting. This fabric harmonizes beautifully with lace and remains a popular choice for country weddings. Every rustic bunting has a combination of lace fabric or lace trim for added interest.
  • An exclusive addition to the range is the reversible burlap bunting with white lace trim on both sides of the pennants. This wedding banner can be hung from the ceiling or wooden beams at hessian weddings to create instant impact.
  • Alongside the familiar hessian, we have introduced a white burlap. This unusual loose weave fabric creates a softer tonal harmony with the chosen lace fabrics and lace trim. This series of hessian and lace bunting makes an ideal addition to a boho chic wedding.
  • For a selection of the rustic bunting, we have chosen cotton scrim fabric. Ideal for country rustic weddings, this alternative to using hessian has a tighter weave, is lighter in colour than hessian and make the fabric banners very unusual.