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A bespoke series of vintage inspired scented soy wax candles in an array of colours and fragrances. These aromatic home accessories are hand poured by Sara Thursfield Textiles using only the finest natural soy wax, wonderful fragrance oils and candle specific dyes. The unique candles nestle in glass jars - all of which have been recycled and wrapped with hand dyed lace coloured to compliment their scent. The highly scented candles are further embellished with satin ribbon roses which align down the front of each. From Shabby Chic candles with classic floral scents to Boho Sparkling wine and vibrant Chic and zesty citrus fragrances, you will be sure to find a candle gift to suit any taste and occasion. For any gift giving opportunity from Valentine’s and Mother’s Day to weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, these luxurious scented candles radiate elegance and make stunning keepsakes.

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