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Welcome to our bespoke collection of Lace Candles! Sara Thursfield Textiles offers an exclusive range of hand poured soy candles. Handmade in the U.K, the scented soy wax candles are available in a selection of exquisite aromas from relaxing bouquets to uplifting scents. These handmade soy candles are perfect to create an inviting atmosphere in your home and will suit every decor and taste. Whether you are looking for a thank you candle gift for her, a 13th anniversary candle gift (lace), a wedding candle or a new home candle, you’ll find the perfect candle gift here. For any gift giving opportunity from Mother’s Day to anniversaries and birthdays, these luxurious handmade soy candles radiate elegance and make stunning presents. The jars used to house the chic candles have been wrapped with coloured lace and embellished with ribbon roses to complement each of their wonderful scents. Every scented soy candle is attractively packaged into a white gift box and tied with a ribbon bow making them the perfect and elegant gift option.

Why We Choose Soy Wax

Soy wax is a natural wax derived from the soya (or soy) bean. The wax is 100% vegetable, produced without genetically modified material and free from pesticides and herbicides.  Naturally bio-degradable, soya wax is an eco-friendly product due to it being a renewable and sustainable resource. After being developed as an alternative to paraffin wax, Soy candles became synonymous with healthy and ethical living. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax (which is made from crude oil) and doesn’t release toxic carcinogens into the air. It is easy to clean up with soap and hot water, eliminating the need for solvents and is not subject to animal testing. So why not switch to soy candles? We're sure once you've tried them, you'll love them as much as we do.

Our Scented Soy Candles UK Ingredients

Every lace candle is lovingly hand poured and decorated to the highest standards by Sara Thursfield Textiles on the south coast of the UK. We have developed our recipes to create truly authentic fragranced candles with the smoothest of soy waxes. Our jar candles are subjected to exhaustive testing in order to give a long-lasting and even scent throw throughout the time they burn. We use only the finest natural soy wax flakes, candle specific dyes and high quality fragrance oil that is cruelty free. No other artificial additives are added to our individually handmade soy candles. Our wicks are made from cotton and designed specifically to burn best in soy wax candles. It gets better - the glass jars we use are 100% recyclable and all candles are shipped with the minimum of plastic packaging. Choose Sara Thursfield Textiles as your environmentally friendly hand poured soy candle supplier and enjoy incredible home fragrance built on solid environmental credentials.