Corset Works 2014

Transformation by means of heat treatment on Tyvek and cellophane distresses the fibres to evoke the notion of elegance and delicacy on three corset forms. This process was integral to the series of work produced for the Exhibition project whilst undertaking F.D.A Contemporary Crafts Practice. The series of corset forms shown here are entitled "Stays". Although made to a size 14 the corsets are non - wearable items but can be made to commission as textile sculptures

  1700's Stays - Tyvek (55gm), free machine embroidery, eyelets and washers, bone casing, copper, lacing. Made from 55gm Tyvek, this corset form was also constructed following a pattern but only half has been created. It was then free machine embroidered before heat distressing the fibres. The paper-like fabric of 55gm Tyvek reacts in a slightly different way to the fabric weight, creating a scaley and bubbly surface.

  1800's Stays - Tyvek (43gm), machine stitch, eyelets and washers, bone casing, copper, lacing. Made from fabric weight Tyvek, this 1800's corset form was constructed by following a sewing pattern but adapted to become twice the original size. The Tyvek was then heat distressed enabling the form to shrink, distort and contort around the boning. 

Stays 2000 - Cellophane, Angelina fibres, machine stitch, eyelets and washers, bone casing, copper and lacing. Made from a 'fabric' of everyday cellophane, this corset form was created by heat distressing two layers of cellophane with Angelina fibres trapped inbetween. The properties of the 'fabric' gives the effect of a frosted glass shimmer to the contemporary corset form.