Corset Works 2015

  Confronting the Feminine Ideal

This work takes a personal approach to the issue of body type and aspirations to the Feminine Ideal coinciding with a subjective statement to challenge these concerns. Through textile processes the properties of Lutradur and transparency film have evolved towards the creation of three abstracted and patch - worked 'skin suits'. The Lutradur fibres of '...Like a Lamb to the Slaughter ' are transformed by image transfers taken from photographs accentuating my wrinkles. The result of this process evokes the translucency and tactility of layered skin. The transfer of inversed wrinkle images onto the transparency film pieces entitled 'Metamorphose' and 'Misfit ' creates an eerie juxtaposition. This process was integral to the series of work produced for the end of year show whilst undertaking B.A in Art & Design for which I received a First Class.

'...Like a Lamb to the Slaughter' 2015